lindley stone oklahoma

Building Stone Services

Waterfall Construction

Lindley Stone can assist with the design and construction of waterfalls and water features using the same boulders and building stone quarried and cut from our own rock fields. We know our rock better than anyone! We know how to arrange boulders and stone in a way that maximizes visual appeal.

Pool and Pond Construction

Building and designing pools and ponds is the most popular use of our boulders and stone. We have assisted many contractors in the selection, placement, and setting of our rock products. We know exactly how our mossy boulders and building stone work together to create the visual effect of something both natural and stunning.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are another popular use of our building stone materials. We maintain a large inventory of stone and rock in which contractors frequently order from us for use with retaining walls. Let us help you design and construct a retaining wall using our very own building stone.

Fireplace Construction

Fireplaces are a hot commodity (pardon the pun) right now for our building stone. We have seen some very ornate and decorative use our boulders and stones. We can help you with the selection, design, and placement of our rock materials. Let us know of your fireplace project and we’ll help you create something amazing.

Outdoor Patios

We are more than happy to assist with the design and construction of outdoor patios, particularly with walkways, walls, built-in barbecues, pool coping, and firepits. We maintain a large inventory of flagstone, building stone, and mossy boulders, ready for use.


We already have the heavy equipment necessary to dig out ponds and pools, as well as clear land, remove boulders, and level the ground. We can dig trenches and build berms. Give us a call when you need us to come in and move some dirt.